Re: All widget are too fat - theming not working properly

I don't care if it's pixels or points or whatever. I even don't care about display resolutions/dpis. But I do care about differences in height.

Why differ widgets of the same kind in their height? I guess the height depends on the contents of a widget. But imho this shouldn't be the case. If a button contains a 16x16 pixel image and another one contains a 14x14 icon both buttons should have the same height and apply the system's/themeÄs icon size setting. If the theme says "no icons", then there shouldn't be any. If the theme want's 32x32 icons, then both icons should be streched, etc ...

But independend of that all buttons of the same type should have the same height.

Am 24.02.10 19:54, schrieb Michael Torrie:
Matthias Fuchs wrote:
Look at the screenshot to see what I mean:
1) and 2) are both chomboboxes, but 2) is one pixel higher
(Yes, I know, it's just a pixel and 99,9% of all users won't ever notice
is -- But I do. And everytime I look at the screen I hate it.

3) and 4) are both buttons. 4) seems to adopt my gtkrc settings, 3)
doesn't. 3) should normally have an icon. But I disabled all kind of
icons in menus and on buttons. Somehow they seem to still be there and
prevent the button from becoming less high.

I can't speak to your bugs, such as #3.  But just a note that we really
shouldn't be thinking in pixels.  If you deal in pixels then something
that looks too fat on a 75 dpi screen looks about right on a 100 dpi
screen.  As themes transition away from pixels to cairo, we can do
everything in relative units, such as points.
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