Re: All widget are too fat - theming not working properly

Matthias Fuchs wrote:
> Look at the screenshot to see what I mean:
> 1) and 2) are both chomboboxes, but 2) is one pixel higher
> (Yes, I know, it's just a pixel and 99,9% of all users won't ever notice 
> is -- But I do. And everytime I look at the screen I hate it.
> 3) and 4) are both buttons. 4) seems to adopt my gtkrc settings, 3) 
> doesn't. 3) should normally have an icon. But I disabled all kind of 
> icons in menus and on buttons. Somehow they seem to still be there and 
> prevent the button from becoming less high.

I can't speak to your bugs, such as #3.  But just a note that we really
shouldn't be thinking in pixels.  If you deal in pixels then something
that looks too fat on a 75 dpi screen looks about right on a 100 dpi
screen.  As themes transition away from pixels to cairo, we can do
everything in relative units, such as points.

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