All widget are too fat - theming not working properly

Hi guys,

imho, all gtk widgets are much to fat/big, especially comboboxes, buttons and tabs. So ok, it's possible to decrease x-/ythickness, some paddings and stuff like this. After much hours of tweaking and tuning I managed to create a "minimal" theme. Though some buttons (those without icons) have the desired height, buttons that normally have icons, like in dialogs, are much higher. Though these icons are not visible/hidden the buttons' heights seem to not decrease anymore.

There are also some quirks with comboboxes. Those that are not editable are higher as the others.

Look at the screenshot to see what I mean:
1) and 2) are both chomboboxes, but 2) is one pixel higher
(Yes, I know, it's just a pixel and 99,9% of all users won't ever notice is -- But I do. And everytime I look at the screen I hate it.

3) and 4) are both buttons. 4) seems to adopt my gtkrc settings, 3) doesn't. 3) should normally have an icon. But I disabled all kind of icons in menus and on buttons. Somehow they seem to still be there and prevent the button from becoming less high.

Is there some way to solve these "bugs"? Is there a chance that GTK+ 3.0 doesn't have such fat widgets per default?

Hope, I didn't confuse you too much ;-)

br, ash

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