RE: All widget are too fat - theming not working properly

I have noticed a long time that the default(and majority of other themes) theming is just fat for Gtk+. Luckily the past year some nice themes have appeared on They usually have the keyword "compact" in their name. Do a search on gnome-look and you'll find them. Study them to see if they have solved your problems.

> Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 20:50:38 +0100
> From: mailllists gmail com
> To: gtk-list gnome org
> Subject: All widget are too fat - theming not working properly
> Hi guys,
> imho, all gtk widgets are much to fat/big, especially comboboxes,
> buttons and tabs.
> So ok, it's possible to decrease x-/ythickness, some paddings and stuff
> like this. After much hours of tweaking and tuning I managed to create a
> "minimal" theme. Though some buttons (those without icons) have the
> desired height, buttons that normally have icons, like in dialogs, are
> much higher. Though these icons are not visible/hidden the buttons'
> heights seem to not decrease anymore.
> There are also some quirks with comboboxes. Those that are not editable
> are higher as the others.
> Look at the screenshot to see what I mean:
> 1) and 2) are both chomboboxes, but 2) is one pixel higher
> (Yes, I know, it's just a pixel and 99,9% of all users won't ever notice
> is -- But I do. And everytime I look at the screen I hate it.
> 3) and 4) are both buttons. 4) seems to adopt my gtkrc settings, 3)
> doesn't. 3) should normally have an icon. But I disabled all kind of
> icons in menus and on buttons. Somehow they seem to still be there and
> prevent the button from becoming less high.
> Is there some way to solve these "bugs"? Is there a chance that GTK+ 3.0
> doesn't have such fat widgets per default?
> Hope, I didn't confuse you too much ;-)
> br, ash

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