Re: GTK+ and Gimp

> i'm just guessing, but it may be related to X11's rather limited concept
> of window relationships,

Limited, indeed, but even more limited than you perhaps guess;) The X11 protocol doesn't have any concept of relationship between top-level windows. A core principle of X11 is to provide mechanism, not policy. The concept of window relationships and "classes" of windows or "window type hints", like "utility window", is specified more or less standardized conventions ("Inter-Client Communications Conventions Manual" and "Extendid Windows Manager Hints" on top of the base windowing system.

> which has propagated into GTK. if the utility
> windows are marked as transients for the image window, then the
> behaviour you are describing is mostly expected. X11 & GTK do not allow
> a window to be a transient for several "parent" windows.
> as michael torrie noted, this is not necessary on OS X, where the idea
> of an application and various different kinds of windows that it may be
> using are a bit more "evolved" than the X11 situation. i am not sure
> that you get the right behaviour for free, but i know that with ardour
> on OS X using the native GTK port, we can (for example) make plugin
> editor windows vanish when ardour loses keyboard focus and bring them
> all back later, and this is a more "natural" thing to do on that
> platform than it is on linux.
> --p
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