Re: GTK+ and Gimp

Michael Grosberg wrote:
> The GIMP developers said this has something to do with GTK. The problem exists
> across all OS's.

Actually it doesn't exist on all OS's.  Gimp running with "native" GTK
on OS X does not suffer from this problem thanks to OS X being an
application-centric desktop rather than a window-centric desktop that
Windows and most Linux desktops tend to be.

Not sure what the solution should be.  I suppose Gimp could use of the
many MDI hacks to put everything in one window with child windows
(yuck!).  Or use GTK's standard MDI with tabs and make the other pallets
dock-able.  Of course that doesn't always work out well either.  What do
the gimp developers suggest be done?

I use gimp on its own virtual desktop.  This works very well. Of course
Windows still does not have virtual desktops (they claim it's not a
feature anyone has asked for).  I have configured compiz to let me
switch between grouped windows using alt-backtick, which kind of
simulates OS X's wonderful window-switching shortcut (command-`).

> I wanted to know if this was something you guys were aware of this and if there
> are plans to address this issue - If this is solved, GIMP will make a huge leap
> forward in terms of usability. I'm not a GIMP developer, just a user.

Seems to me to solve this problem there has to be a direct conversation
between the Gimp developers and GTK developers.  I've been a lurker on
the GTK development list (gtk-devel-list) for years and haven't see any
conversation about this.

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