Re: GTK+ and Gimp

Michael Torrie <torriem <at>> writes:

> Actually it doesn't exist on all OS's.  Gimp running with "native" GTK
> on OS X does not suffer from this problem thanks to OS X being an
> application-centric desktop rather than a window-centric desktop that
> Windows and most Linux desktops tend to be.
> Not sure what the solution should be.  

Well, basically it's just a bug - let's say you have three images open and 
you enabled transient utility windows. currently when you minimize an image 
to the taskbar, the utility windows all minimize with - although there 
are still two images that are not minimized and are visible on the desktop. 
Also, the utility windows never return, even after you un-minimize the 
first image. 
So the solution is this: utility windows should stay un-minimized as long as
there's even a single un-minimized image, and if all N open images are
minimized, should minimize, but return when at least one of them is 
Again, not being a programmer, I can't tell why this is happening. perhaps
because of missing functionality in GTK, perhaps its a problem with the
implementation by te GIMP devs. I just thought it was worth asking here, 
maybe I could get the ball rolling.

> I use gimp on its own virtual desktop.  This works very well. Of course
> Windows still does not have virtual desktops (they claim it's not a
> feature anyone has asked for). 

Yes, well, that's a workaround - my workaround is to simply never minimize 
any image window, and if I do minimize one - I can restore the utility 
windows using shortcuts. but, you know, it would be much better if 
things worked out without needing a workaround. Oh, by the way - 
Microsoft actually do have a powertoy for WindowsXP giving you four 
virtual desktops - google "Virtual Desktop Manager xp". 

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