GTK+ and Gimp

This is a plea/question for the GTK developers.
I've been following GIMP's development for several years now, and there is one
big problem that has made many people frustrated with GIMP, this being window
management. I'm talking about the fact that GIMP has taskbar buttons for each
tool window and if you open GIMP in conjunction with other rograms and you need
to switch between them things quickly get confusing and difficult to manage as
you have to bring up each window manually whenever you switch between apps.

Lately there has been some advance in this front - there is now an option to
transiate all tool windows to the image window. But this one problem remains: If
you transiate the tool windows to the image, and you open more than one image,
and you minimize one of the images, all the tool windows disappear. This has
caused the GIMP developers to disable the tool windows being transient to the
image windows, So to the average user, the problem remains.

The GIMP developers said this has something to do with GTK. The problem exists
across all OS's.

I wanted to know if this was something you guys were aware of this and if there
are plans to address this issue - If this is solved, GIMP will make a huge leap
forward in terms of usability. I'm not a GIMP developer, just a user.

I hope I have not offended anyone - if this has been discussed extensively in
the past and I just brought it up again, I'm sorry.


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