Re: lots of Windows problems (pygtk)

Michael P. Soulier wrote:
Wynand Winterbach wrote:
We're using PyGTK for a new little translation app (it's really rough at the moment).

My last Gtk+ app on win32 was in C. I love Python, but I do find
distribution of the final product problematic. I'm curious about what
you did.

Do you package Python in your installer? Ask your users to install
Python first? py2exe?


We use py2exe to create the Windows distribution; this results in a combination of exes (for each Python script that is marked as such), DLLs (from GTK in our case) and whatever else is necessary (in our case we also pulled in the .mo files from GTK as well as its /etc directory) in your output directory. When installed on a user's machine, all these files will go under the user's chosen installation path.

After the py2exe phase, InnoSetup is used to bundle everything together into a Windows installer.

All of this happens in and it's not too involved (I hope - I tried hard to simplify that file :)).

The created installer is quite weighty, but that's partly because the internationalization files consume a lot of space. In our case, we have to include everything, but you could shrink the installer by not including all of the .mo files. The setup script looks for all the GTK files; with a bit of modification one can get it to exclude many of the language directories.

Good luck

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