Re: lots of Windows problems (pygtk)

On Tue, 2008-05-27 at 23:41 +0200, Marek Kozlowski wrote:

> :-)
> I've written a nice pytgk application (under my Gentoo).

Great work. I develop Gtk2-Perl apps on Gentoo and deploy on Windows
2000 ( and Gentoo ).

I always use the binaries produced by Alexander Shaduri at:

His gtk installer is a no-BS single-click thing that 'just works'. He
also has a nice theme switcher and lots of themes compiled. Do NOT use
the aurora theme engine - it's buggy under both Linux and Windows ( but
more so under Windows ).

His installer sets up the PATH for you as well ( it's easy to add it
anyway ).

I'm not really sure about troubleshooting. I've only ever had issues
with Windows 2003 server systems. If the theme switcher works, then you
can assume that gtk+ is working I suppose.

One last thing I have to do sometimes is change permissions. I also
unpack libxml.dll and some other stuff that our setup needs into the
gtk /lib folder. When I do this, the permissions are wrong. I go to
Windows Explorer, select the top-level gtk folder, tell it NOT to
inherit permissions from it's parent ( copy any existing permissions in
the dialog that appears ). Then I add full read / write for EVERYONE
( bite me, security people ), and go into the advanced properties and
tell it to reset all permissions on child objects and enable propogation
of permissions from the parent ( ie top-level gtk folder ) to child

That's the only mucking around I have to do.

If things are causing you pain, you should get a VM such as VirtualBox
going, save a snapshot, do your installation, and document everything.
Then revert to the snapshot, and write a batch file ( yuck ) or python
script or something that does all the mucking around for you. Then test
in the VM, revert, rewrite ... ...

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