Re: cross-compiling linux->win32 with mingw

Ok, I wiped the slate clean by deleting everything and starting with a
fresh checkout of my application. I confirmed my suspicions that maybe
some file got corrupted, or something even more obscure, because I was
able to get several programs to run successfully under Windows that I
previously couldn't have. Perhaps I had accidentally mixed some
versions of DLLs that wouldn't work together for some strange reason.

Anyhow, I've now arrived at the g_intern_static_string() problem Tor
appears to have encountered already:

After coming across that, I remembered something that I had read in
one of the README files among the win32 GTK builds:

However, after looking thoroughly through v2.10, I couldn't find any
glib binaries at all :(

For now I will try to build with an older version of GTK than 2.8.15,
but where are the 2.10 glib binaries?

On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 3:30 AM, Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> wrote:
> >  it's some dylibs
>  >  called dwmapi.dll and efsadu.dll that were missing. I'm not certain of
>  >  some of the terminology used by Dependency Walker to describe these
>  >  libraries; it says they're "delay-load" dependency modules, and maybe
>  >  it's not relevant (is this just like dlopen()'s lazy mode?)
>  I think they are not relevant. I have never heard of them, I am pretty
>  sure what Dependency Walker tries to say here is that they are
>  optional. Your problem is something else.
>  > Anyone have any idea where I can get safe copies of those DLLs?
>  If they are Microsoft DLLs (as I assume) they should either already be
>  on your system (maybe if you have some specific add-on product), or
>  should not be, and then don't even try;) I would be especially afraid
>  of "helpful" sites that offer huge numbers of random DLLs for
>  individual download (or "useful" tools to "optimize" your system). I
>  tend to assume most such sites are just trying to push various kinds
>  of adware of worse on you.
>  --tml


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