Re: cross-compiling linux->win32 with mingw

Thanks for suggesting that software, Tor. According to Dependency
Walker, the problem isn't libiconv nor libintl, it's some dylibs
called dwmapi.dll and efsadu.dll that were missing. I'm not certain of
some of the terminology used by Dependency Walker to describe these
libraries; it says they're "delay-load" dependency modules, and maybe
it's not relevant (is this just like dlopen()'s lazy mode?)

What's strange is this: both of these libs seem to be dependencies of
shell32.dll -- I can't imagine that all the programs on my system that
link to shell32.dll

Oh well I have to run out the door, I'll add more to this post later.

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 5:01 AM, Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> wrote:
> >  Anyone have any guess as to why this is happening?
>  I assume that some of the DLLs that the GLib DLL requires (should be
>  iconv.dll and intl.dll with the 2.8 version you are using) are either
>  not found, or are bogus versions that happen to have the same name but
>  don't in fact provide the entries needed. Use Dependency Walker,
> .
>  --tml


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