Re: GTK upgrade and troubles

Many thanks - I have been struggling over the #1 point. 
Basically I ended up removing everything I had installed manually,
namely,  I removed gtk, glib, atk, pango, cairo RPM's,
then updated the "locate" database and located the remaining "gtk" "gdk"
"cairo" "atk", "pango" or "glib" files,
removed them manually (huge pain), and once I was all done, I reinstalled
everything from RPM's. Phew! What a hassle, but glad to have my system back
and running.
Your tool sounds great, sure I would be very interested. Many thanks!

Sergei Steshenko-2 wrote:
> --- tkalfaoglu <turgut nospam kalfaoglu com> wrote:
>> Hi there. In order to compile the latest GAIM (beta 4) I had to upgrade
>> gtk,
>> glib, pango, and the gtk-related tools on my Mandriva 2006. For this, I
>> removed the RPM's for these, and installed the tools after compiling them
>> from scratch. All went well, and I was able to compile and use gaim
>> afterwards.
>> However, now odd things happen. I get the following message:
>> (gimp:32654): Pango-WARNING **: shape engine failure, expect ugly output.
>> the offending font is 'DejaVu Sans 10'
>> and I get no text within gimp afterwards -- I get all the icons, but no
>> text
>> in the pull down menus!
>> Likewise, tools like Mandriva Control Center (mcc) die with a
>> Can't locate object method "signal_connect" via package "Gtk2::Window" at
>> /usr/sbin/drakconf.real line 98.
>> message.
>> Any ideas how I should proceed. I think I also tried "urpmi dejavu" and
>> it
>> said it was installed.
>> Many thanks, -turgut
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> In case you are still interested - I have just added gaim-2.0.0beta5 to
> the list of targets
> built by my tool - see signature.
> So, you can try the following steps:
> 1) revert your system to its original state;
> 2) try my tool, you'll basically need to run just one command line like
> this:
> ~/AppsFromScratch/20061104/bin/ -targets_to_build gaim -make_like
> 1>build.log 2 >&1 &
> - this is not yet released version, I can send it to you if you're
> interested.
> My tool downloads sources from the net and builds and installs apps/libs
> locally, not
> requiring root permission, so integrity of your system is preserved.
> The dependencies are built as needed automatically.
> --Sergei.
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