GTK upgrade and troubles

Hi there. In order to compile the latest GAIM (beta 4) I had to upgrade gtk,
glib, pango, and the gtk-related tools on my Mandriva 2006. For this, I
removed the RPM's for these, and installed the tools after compiling them
from scratch. All went well, and I was able to compile and use gaim

However, now odd things happen. I get the following message:
(gimp:32654): Pango-WARNING **: shape engine failure, expect ugly output.
the offending font is 'DejaVu Sans 10'

and I get no text within gimp afterwards -- I get all the icons, but no text
in the pull down menus!
Likewise, tools like Mandriva Control Center (mcc) die with a
Can't locate object method "signal_connect" via package "Gtk2::Window" at
/usr/sbin/drakconf.real line 98.
Any ideas how I should proceed. I think I also tried "urpmi dejavu" and it
said it was installed.

Many thanks, -turgut

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