GTK+ 2.0 book recommendation?

Hi all,

Please excuse me for asking such a common question. I am unable to search the archive because it is being re-indexed.

I'm looking for a good book on GTK+ 2.0

We are porting an embedded GHS INTEGRITY application to an embedded linux platform. I'm porting the UI task to GTK+ 2.0. For rapid development I'm creating a version that runs on GNOME as well as one on the embedded system that writes directly to the frame buffer. I need to receive data on a POSIX messesage queue. This data is everything from barcode data with which I'll fill in GtkEntry fields to proprietarty screen descriptions with which I redraw the entire screen or do things that don't affect the screen at all. So, I want to understand how to convert those incoming messages to GTK/GDK/GLIB events and/or signals.

I can see all the pieces in the references and I can read code to see how the libraries themselves achieve similar things. However, I'm desperate for an overall understanding.

I've already got:
"Understanding the LINUX Kernel"
"Embedded LINUX System Design and Development"

I looked at:
"Gtk+ Programming in C" by Syd Logan but it appeared to cover GTK+ 1.2.
"Developing Linux Applications with GTK+ and GDK" by Eric Harlow was published two years earlier. "The Official GNOME 2 Developer's Guide" by Matthias Warkus is recent, but I don't know how deeply it goes into POSIX and GtkFB


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