QT vs GTK 2006

Hi folks,

I'm currently evaluating (GUI) toolkits, and I'm interested in the
differences between QT and GTK. My code is going to be GPLed and I need it
to be cross-platform. I've read a few previous threads from this list
concerning this subject so I know all the basic stuff, but atleast some of
the arguments I came across seems to be void these days. I have some

1. Is the win32 version of GTK really that unstable? It's homepage still
(as of today) contain a rather scary warning sign.

2. Name some successful (in terms of many users, well-known) GTK-based
projects outside of the GNOME sphere? For instance QT has Opera and Adobe
Elements, in heavy use, outside of KDE.

3. I guess there is a whole lot of people on list this that are using
multiple toolkits, but for those who prefer GTK over other toolkits: What
are your personal motivations for using GTK instead of something else?

4. There have been a lot of talk about OpenGL, composition engines and
that kind of stuff lately. Is there are key difference between QT and GTK
that's relevant in this context? I mean, is any of these toolkits better
positioned to adopt to these changes (both upcoming 3D widgets and taking
advantage of hardware caps to boost 2D performance) or is this more of an
X issue rather than a toolkit issue?

5. If you where to start a cross-platform project today, with no prior
knowledge of any toolkits or languages. In order to maximize code
readability, programmer productivity and all that good stuff; what would
you choose? QT or GTK or maybe Java or .NET?

6. Does GTK support per-application skins/themes?


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