Re: Available GTK Developers

What did you expect?  You flamed the dev list of a project.

Walk into a software company and holler out that their code sucks and
that their support is lousy.  I promise you they won't buy you lunch. 
They may even consider your behaviour rude.

On 10/14/05, Calvin Ellis <kyndig gmail com> wrote:
> I would like to address these emails I am receiving both personally, and as
> replies to this mailing list. I gave advice for what I felt was an
> individual in the same predicement as myself. Albeit I could have used
> proper english, punctuation and left the inclusion of a 'competing' product
> out of my reply. My intent was to convey the dissatisfaction and lack of
> interest and assistance I have overall received from GTK community
> developers. To that end, my correspondance was appropriate and hopefully
> well received. It was but my own professional experience while working with
> several developer companies and individuals from gtk.
>  Please discontinue the personal affrontations, overall negative remarks,
> and 'flame' bashing. Indeed, my correspondance should have been the
> individual directly; opposed to the list.
>  I would say thanks for the attention I have received; yet truly folks, you
> all need to calm down. It was my bad experience I was conveying. The focus
> on the other solution I found was a recomendation, opposed to advertisement.
> I would have as easily recommended any other solution had I gone with one.
>  Calvin
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