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I represent a small not-for-profit business that deals with a specific targeted audience. One of the projects I develop is a software program which was created using gtk. I recently recommended to a list poster to check into another toolkit for development solutions. This was inappropriate, please accept my apologies. In all fairness, my post however did provide a solution to my 2 month dilemma. I am quite pleased with some professionals whom have contacted me with recommendations and business proposal solutions. It is this type of "can-do" attitude which initially brought me into this toolkit community. The high interest in Gaim development, and sheer support provided to that software was my deciding factor shortly over a year ago.

The advertisement was uncalled for, yet the result of the email created a viable solution which will assist me in not losing any investments of time or money on my current project. This was the targeted result I was looking for in my post. A 'last-ditch' attempt at saving such valuable time and investment. It was an upsetting experience to not have any solutions.

As gtk develops and receives more requests by non-programmer interested parties (since being on this list, I have seen around 6 requests other than my own for professional assistance), it would be a boon to have a resource outlet for professional business solutions located within one of the gtk community sites. (fwiw). Even a RTFM response to a project request would be an understandable reply were there such a resource.


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