Re: Available GTK Developers

I would like to address these emails I am receiving both personally, and as replies to this mailing list. I gave advice for what I felt was an individual in the same predicement as myself. Albeit I could have used proper english, punctuation and left the inclusion of a 'competing' product out of my reply. My intent was to convey the dissatisfaction and lack of interest and assistance I have overall received from GTK community developers. To that end, my correspondance was appropriate and hopefully well received. It was but my own professional experience while working with several developer companies and individuals from gtk.

Please discontinue the personal affrontations, overall negative remarks, and 'flame' bashing. Indeed, my correspondance should have been the individual directly; opposed to the list.

I would say thanks for the attention I have received; yet truly folks, you all need to calm down. It was my bad experience I was conveying. The focus on the other solution I found was a recomendation, opposed to advertisement. I would have as easily recommended any other solution had I gone with one.


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