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> Just a quick email here, I am writing to see if there are any
> developers that are currently available for contract work based in
> the North of England. I am finding it difficult to find a developer
> who is AVAILABLE with GTK experience.  My client is seeking a
> developer with GTK, C++ and Linux experience to work within the
> electronics industry.

I am a GTK+ developer based in Blackburn, Lancashire.  My CV is
available here:

This contains my contact details, qualifications, skills and
experience etc..  A short summary:

I have three years of both GTK+ and C++ experience, and I have used
the Gtkmm GTK+ C++ bindings in my current position, and I am also
intimately familiar with the underlying C (GType/GObject) type and
object system, including deriving classes and defining and
implementing interfaces (GInterface) and boxed types (GBoxed) in C.  I
am also a maintainer of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution and a
developer of printer drivers for open operating systems.

While I do not have any formal IT qualifications, I have a first class
honours degree in Molecular Cell Biology, and I have published a paper
in the CVu journal (the journal of the Association of C and C++
Users).  The article relates to development with GTK+ and C++, and is
available here:

I would be interested in some more information about the position,
such as where it is based, the duration of the contract and the
renumeration.  I would also like to know some more detail about the
company and nature of the software being developed, including its

Yours faithfully,
Roger Leigh

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