configure_event not sended

Hello all,
I'm developing an application using GTK2 + libglade for use in a x86
embedded system,
I'm compiled the gtk2, libglade2, pango, xft2, fontconfig, freetype,
glib2 X and kdrive small X (I will choose what X I will use)
without problems to install in my target system.

In my Debian Sarge system with the default libraries the application
runs OK, but when I run my program in  target system (Geode 300MHz
Processor, chipset NSC5330) with the compiled libs it  not calls the
callback function connected to "configure_event" signal for the main
window, but other signals as "pressed" signal for the buttons works OK.

What can be the problem ?
What are the libraries that "handle"  the "configure_event" signal ?

Thanks for any help

Flavio Alberto Lopes Soares
flaviothunder terra com br

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