Re: upgrading gtk+

Largegeek wrote:
> I am trying to upgrade my version of gtk+ because I want to upgrade gimp. At 
> least, that was the original version but now it has become an all consuming 
> mission because I have been trying on and off for a couple weeks now with no 
> success.
> I just installed the following libraries:
> atk 1.10.1
> cairo 1.0.2
> glib 2.8.4
> pango 1.10.1
> originally I had needed to keep my old version of glib on here because I was 
> having other programs break with version 2.8.4 of glib. Mainly unresolved 
> symbol issues. but whenever I would try to run configure on gtk+ it 
would say 
> that pkgconfig reported v2.8.4 of glib, but it found my old one. After 
> unsuccessfully trying to figure that problem out, I gave up and decided that 
> I would just rebuild the programs that didn't work with the new glib version
> Now I'm getting an error said that configure can't link to the pango 
> libraries, when I know I have them installed in /usr/local. 

What version of gimp are you trying to install?

Debian already has gimp-2.2.9 (and updated versions of the needed libraries)
so you may want to stick to Debian testing or unstable if you are not
doing hardcore 

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