Re: TreeView performance

On Tue, 11 Feb 2003 09:02:10 CST, Tim Flechtner <timf trdlnk com>  said:
>    i am writing a trading application that displays updates to financial 
> contracts in real time, using a TreeView widget.  there can be four to 
> five hundred updates coming in a second, and under this load my 
> application takes about 60% of the cpu time of my dual processor 2.53 


The screen refresh is almost certainly 75 times a second or less, and
you can almost certainly get away with actually updating only 20-30 times
a second.

>           through experimentation, i noticed that when i commented out 
> the code which updates text in its various columns (but all the other 
> processing, and rendering of colors still occurs), my cpu usage falls to 2%.

Try adding code that says "only update the text every 20 data updates, or at most
20 times a second".

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