Re: Problem with setting background for GtkViewport


Luis Oliveira <luismbo netcabo pt> writes:

> I searched google but couldn't find any documentation for the GTK pixmap
> theme engine. I did find documentation about the xenophilia engine but
> that doesn't seem to be able to do what I want. Where can find
> information about the 1.x version of this engine? (And the 2.x version
> too as I'll probably switch over sometime in the future).

it's almost certainly installed on your computer and the example gtkrc
should be sufficient to figure out the syntax.

> I did find some references to a GdkPixbuf version of the pixmap engine
> (I'm using GTK 1.x). Where can I find that?

module pixbuf-engine in GNOME CVS.

Salut, Sven 

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