Font/Encoding problem under Windows

Hello list members,

I encountered a problem when running my program compiled
using mingw and Gtk+-2.0.X under a Japanese Windows 98.
(General purpose: porting my project to Gtk+-2.0)

As recommended, I set:
   setlocale(LC_MESSAGES /* or LC_ALL */,"");

In the input language chooser, "Input Methods..." is readable, but all
Japanese text above like "Copy" and "Paste" is displayed as rectangles.

Also, what I find even worse is that the font on every widget is about
font-size 17~18
and any attempt to change this gained nothing.

When I do
I get "Sans 10", but this cannot be what I see.
I can try to change this by
   pango_font_description_from_string(>font_desc,"MSMincho 12")
and exactly that is what I get returned afterwards, but still
the font is the same.

I also created a .gtkrc in the directory of the program and tried several
font descriptions, without success.

What else can I do? 

Thanks for any help in advance

Mathias Nudge Hartwig

GMX - Die Kommunikationsplattform im Internet.

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