Re: A small mistake in the documentation

On Wed, Jan 13, 1999 at 11:37:40AM -0800, Brandon Long wrote:
> Eric Harlow is writing a book on linux application programming
> (, but there is probably still room
> for a GTK+ book.
> Though, it should wait until 1.2 is out.
> Also, one on GNOME would be nice, while we're at it.  GNOME documentation
> is actually worse than GTK, and GNOME is big enough that figuring it out
> from source becomes quite a bit more challenging.  (Worse in terms of
> less existant, not a comment on the quality of existing documentation).

I think that if a book on GTK+ is written, GNOME should be included. 
After all, it's not as if they were separate, GNOME is built on GTK+. 
To program for GNOME you need to know GTK+, and if you use GTK+ for
your programs you probably want to do GNOME as well.  Hard core GTK+
coders can ignore the GNOME chapters if they want :-)

Besides, the GNOME docs are really quite non-existant, but they at
least made the effort to comment the functions verbosely in most
headers.  At least we don't have to read (and understand) the actual
source code.

Andreas E. Bombe <>

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