Re: [gtk-list] Re: A small mistake in the documentation

On 01/13/99 Bradley Burnside uttered the following other thing:
> Just wondering for my own curiosity.  How many people would be interested if a
> book was written on GTK.  Like the tutorial, but a published book with more
> examples and longer explanations.  Who would be open in buying such a thing?
> It wouldn't be an advanced book but a beginners to average user book.
> I know O'Reilly is publishing a book on Programming with Qt this January.  I'm
> thinking of writting such a thing for GTK.  (O'Reilly are the people who make
> the animal books).
> Who would be interested?

Eric Harlow is writing a book on linux application programming
(, but there is probably still room
for a GTK+ book.

Though, it should wait until 1.2 is out.

Also, one on GNOME would be nice, while we're at it.  GNOME documentation
is actually worse than GTK, and GNOME is big enough that figuring it out
from source becomes quite a bit more challenging.  (Worse in terms of
less existant, not a comment on the quality of existing documentation).

Also, I think GNOME documentation is really necessary, as you want
people to use what is available, so you have to tell them, otherwise
they'll just start reinventing the wheel.  (which, they will do anyways,
but you should at least try to keep them from doing that)

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