A small mistake in the documentation


I hope this is the right place for reporting a small mistake in the
documentation. If it's not, please let me know who should I send the
emails to.

In the gtk reference guide, the function GdkPixmap() is so declared:

GtkWidget* gtk_pixmap_new (GdkPixmap *normal, GdkPixmap *active, GdkPixmap
*prelight, GdkPixmap *selected, GdkPixmap *insensitive) 

In the source code, it is declared:

gtk_pixmap_new (GdkPixmap *val,
                GdkBitmap *mask)

I am not sure what I said was correct... if it's not, I apologise with

Also, I am learning GTK now (that's why I found the problem in the
documentation). this the right place to ask questions?

Thanks a lot!

Penguin Net

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