Re: [gtk-list] A small mistake in the documentation

Just wondering for my own curiosity.  How many people would be interested if a
book was written on GTK.  Like the tutorial, but a published book with more
examples and longer explanations.  Who would be open in buying such a thing?
It wouldn't be an advanced book but a beginners to average user book.
I know O'Reilly is publishing a book on Programming with Qt this January.  I'm
thinking of writting such a thing for GTK.  (O'Reilly are the people who make
the animal books).
Who would be interested?
        bradley wrote:

> Hi,
> I hope this is the right place for reporting a small mistake in the
> documentation. If it's not, please let me know who should I send the
> emails to.
> In the gtk reference guide, the function GdkPixmap() is so declared:
> GtkWidget* gtk_pixmap_new (GdkPixmap *normal, GdkPixmap *active, GdkPixmap
> *prelight, GdkPixmap *selected, GdkPixmap *insensitive)
> In the source code, it is declared:
> GtkWidget*
> gtk_pixmap_new (GdkPixmap *val,
>                 GdkBitmap *mask)
> I am not sure what I said was correct... if it's not, I apologise with
> everybody.
> Also, I am learning GTK now (that's why I found the problem in the
> documentation). this the right place to ask questions?
> Thanks a lot!
> Merc.
> Penguin Net
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