Re: [gtk-list] Re: A small mistake in the documentation

   Just wondering for my own curiosity.  How many people would be interested if a
   book was written on GTK.  Like the tutorial, but a published book with more
   examples and longer explanations.  Who would be open in buying such a thing?
   It wouldn't be an advanced book but a beginners to average user book.
   I know O'Reilly is publishing a book on Programming with Qt this January.  I'm
   thinking of writting such a thing for GTK.  (O'Reilly are the people who make
   the animal books).
   Who would be interested?

I'd be interested; I'd buy it -- if it didn't come out until the API
were quite a bit more stable than it is now.  I was actually
approached by a publisher who was wondering if I would like to write
such a thing (my answer was, ``who, me?  I'm just a beginner
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