Pure Gtk vs Gnome


I have been writting a little app in Gtk, and have just finished taking the
plunge and converting my code to be gnome aware.  Now I have firmly decided
that I want to continue to develop my app as gnome aware.  

The question I have for people is, do you think it is worth having a seperate
"gtk only" version?

I can see how I can wrap most of it so that i can continue to develop both,
with little duplicate coding.  But is it worth the effort?  I have played a
little and it seems you can run the gnome aware version without an active
gnome session.  However since it is linking against gnome libs and not just
gtk libs, it still would require gnome (or at least gnome-lib) to be installed
to run.

I don't want to start a war over this, but I am honestly interested in hearing
what people think of this.  I would obviously prefer to give myself less work,
but i am not sure I want to limit myslef to only gnome users.

Also, if people have ideas/hints/tips about how to maintain two such versions,
I would love to hear them.


Christopher Rogers      Stevens Institute of Technology
gandalf@pobox.com       http://www.pobox.com/~gandalf
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