Re: [gtk-list] Pure Gtk vs Gnome

>  I have been writting a little app in Gtk, and have just finished taking the
>  plunge and converting my code to be gnome aware.  Now I have firmly decided
>  that I want to continue to develop my app as gnome aware.  
>  The question I have for people is, do you think it is worth having a seperate
>  "gtk only" version?

I don't think there is much point in that.  Users will not get all the
GNOME consistency benefits from the `stripped' version -- it will lack
session management, stock icons, standard dialog boxes, help system, etc.

The GNOME libraries are there to make the programmer's life easier by
providing a nice framework to build applications; I don't see why you
would want to do the same stuff by hand all over again.


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