I'm new to gtk (and to X programing too) and have a question about the
function gtk_container_border_width.
        The GTK tutorial from Ian says:

----- Cut ----
This next function is used to set an attribute of a container object.
This just sets the window so it has a blank area
along the inside of it 10 pixels wide where no widgets will go. There
are other similar functions which we will
look at in the section on Setting Widget Attributes

And again, GTK_CONTAINER is a macro to perform type casting. 

         gtk_container_border_width (GTK_CONTAINER (window), 10);
----- Cut ----

        But when I try it, space is left out around the object, and not
        Do I must call gtk_container_border_width for every object in a
container, or make a box and place the object inside it?
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