Re: [gtk-list] File manager and article [was: Re: Gtk app build issues]

Federico/Otto said:

> > A graphical MC as I see it would need to have both the usual file
> > lists and an icon view (both with drag and drop, which needs to be
> > implemented in Gtk.  Hint, hint --- offix).  I'm not exactly sure
> > about how you would go about the double-panel stuff, but I'm sure it
> > can be adapted to a graphical environment.
> I think I need to learn how to use MC before I can port it to a GUI
> environ... :)

Good.  I can answer your questions regarding that :-)

Anyways, the Midnight Commander has currently 2 usable front ends: the
text mode (slang/ncurses) front end, the not so stable Tk front-end.
The major reason is that I have put more time into other projects, so
I haven't coded much.

Both of those front-ends share the same features: the file management
engine and the virtual file system (and all the other stuff), so
making a new version based on Gtk should be fairly easy (modulo that I
have never written a Icon-listing mode, which would be new code).

Anyways, if you are interested in making a Gtk front-end for mc, I can
answer all of your questions regarding the internals of the program.

Best wishes,

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