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Christoph Hoegl wrote:

> Flame:-)


> What about a <nice>> X-based spreadsheet like 1-2-3 under GUI
> -control of GTK (my intention is to adapt something like teapot
> or ss to the GTK (of course OLEO would do as well (<monice> perhaps even
> easier as it is built on emacs (sorry LISP code) so enhancing it
> with functions like WHIRL or CONTRAST-AUTO-STRETCH would apply
> cleany across several well-known GTK-based packages </monice>)

The reason why I started learning GTK was that I was looking for a new
Widgetset for a spreadsheet. My idea was to bild a spreadsheet on top of
a database as a table editor. Furthermore there should be a Scheme (SIOD
or Guile) API to to the calculations.

I started this with XView and the idea to store the data in Scheme, but
that is not very fast, if the tables grow up. And that is the first
thing they do, if the spreadsheet is used in the "real world".

> BTW: both the SQL-GIMP-plugin is ready and of course the already
> needed frontend for PgSQL (or other SQL-DB) is in the works

> PS: both SQL-things will be ready when PgSQL 6.1 gets available

Can you give me a URL?

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