Re: [gtk-list] File manager and article [was: Re: Gtk app build issues]

On Fri, May 16, 1997 at 03:03:10PM -0500, Federico Mena wrote:
> >  I've been working on/thinking about a filemanager.  I definitely
> >  don't have any code on the magnitude of gzilla, but it's getting
> >  there.
> Just to avoid reinventing wheels... :-)
> I think that if people will be working on a graphical file manager, it
> should be KDE.  No flames about this, but that's my point of view.

No flames, here, but that's probably not going to happen... I have
looked at kfm, and I just have some serious objections to the way
they're doing things.  Not necessarilly things that would make me hate
it and are beyond repair.. but then there is that whole Qt issue.

> Or if you want to hack a lot of existing code, I could suggest doing a
> Gtk port of the Midnight Commander.  Of course I am biased on this
> (Miguel is 10 meters from me right now), but MC is a very good file
> manager IMO.  The VFS architecture is pretty cool, and it can be
> easily extended.

I'm thinking about that, too.  I'm hoping to hack as much existing
code as humanly possible.

> A graphical MC as I see it would need to have both the usual file
> lists and an icon view (both with drag and drop, which needs to be
> implemented in Gtk.  Hint, hint --- offix).  I'm not exactly sure
> about how you would go about the double-panel stuff, but I'm sure it
> can be adapted to a graphical environment.

I think I need to learn how to use MC before I can port it to a GUI

As for OffiX Dnd, that's one thing I had planned to do.  I'm not
entirely sure I have the ability and expertise (I have the time, if
need be) to do do it, though.  

Does anyone else have any thoughts or comments on how this ought to
work?  I'd really like to hear some discussion... if I have an general
idea of what needs to be done and where it should go, I can probably
write a majority of the code.

> >  Back on the topic of the LJ, does anyone have an objection to my
> >  offering the editors an article about gtk+?  I don't plan an
> >  extensive tutorial, just a quick introduction to gtk+ and how it's
> >  being used.  If you read the Qt article in the LJ a bit back,
> >  that's about what I'm thinking about.. that was the article that
> >  really got me tinkering with Qt, and I think the same would do a
> >  world of good for gtk+.
> Oooh, that is a very good idea.  At least it should get people going.
> If I can be of any help, please tell me.  I'd really like to see a lot
> of people writing stuff for Gtk.

Good, I'm not the only one. :) I'll work on an outline in my
(non-existant) spare time and pass it by this list before finalizing
things.  I should probably send an e-mail to the LJ this afternoon,


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