Gzilla 0.02

Hi gtk developers,

   The newest release of gzilla is available at:


   It's still pretty "young" as Owen would say, but it's dramatically
more usable than the 0.01 release. Most importantly, it supports
clickable links and navigation. The flashing problem has been addressed
(although the redraw code is not perfect yet). The HTML layout is
steadily getting better, although still pretty minimal. I used it a
little this evening to surf the Web.

   One gtk+ issue: if clicking a button causes its state to go
insensitive (i.e. a function connected to the "clicked" signal handler
calls gtk_widget_set_sensitive on the button), then the background color
usually stays stuck in the prelight color. Similarly when the button
goes sensitive again - it stays in prelight until you pass the mouse
over it. You can see this in the behavior of the navigation buttons.



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