Re: [gtk-list] Re: GTK text widget (was Re: Proposal for a new project)

Otto Hammersmith wrote:

> One comment, though... it should be a "rich text" widget, not and
> "HTML widget".  I don't think HTML parsing code really belongs in the
> widget proper.  I see something along the lines of the relationship
> between gtk_rc_parse stuff and GtkStyle objects.

brrr. Rich Text is every thing else than a standard! I think a good way
could be a new LaTeX like text format based on Scheme. I don't know SIOD
enough but I saw it in one of the previous betas of Gimp. So it should
work fine. Guile would work also great but could be a bit overkill. I
did some work on such a document language to bild up my ideas and to get
rid of HTML. It makes me crasy not to be able to include some pages
without beeing addicted to some server extensions. A document such a new
language could look like this:

{document:encoding iso-latin1
          :class article

  {section :size 1
           :title {text This is the the {section-number}. headline}

    {paragraph {define tmp {line-number}} This paragraph shows
      how to do some calculations in the document to specify the
      relative position of this line: {- {+ line-number 1} tmp}.}

    {paragraph This is a ordered list:
      {itemlist :item {text {item-number}.)}
        {item make it wet}
        {item put some toothpaste on}
        {item stick it in you mouth}}}

-- bis später...
 - Sascha         ---<~>=( )=<~>---

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