Re: [gtk-list] Re: GTK text widget (was Re: Proposal for a new project)

On Wed, May 14, 1997 at 08:02:55AM +0200, Sascha Ziemann wrote:
> Otto Hammersmith wrote:
> > One comment, though... it should be a "rich text" widget, not and
> > "HTML widget".  I don't think HTML parsing code really belongs in the
> > widget proper.  I see something along the lines of the relationship
> > between gtk_rc_parse stuff and GtkStyle objects.
> brrr. Rich Text is every thing else than a standard! I think a good way
> could be a new LaTeX like text format based on Scheme. I don't know SIOD
> enough but I saw it in one of the previous betas of Gimp. So it should
> work fine. Guile would work also great but could be a bit overkill. I
> did some work on such a document language to bild up my ideas and to get
> rid of HTML. It makes me crasy not to be able to include some pages
> without beeing addicted to some server extensions. A document such a new
> language could look like this:
[yet another ML snipped]

Just to clairfy, again... this is not what I meant.  

The mega-text-widget should be language independant... I meant the
term "rich text" as a generic term, not as RTF.

Now, hopefully, everyone understands what I meant. (even if it wasn't
necessarilly what I said. :)


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