Re: [gtk-list] Re: GTK text widget (was Re: Proposal for a new project)

On Tue, May 13, 1997 at 03:08:40PM -0500, Shawn T Amundson wrote:
> Words Of Josh MacDonald:
> >It seems to me, that an HTML widget isn't really much different from a
> >text widget, considering that the GTK text widget, in its current state,
> >supports variable width fonts.  I suspect that any HTML widget is going to
> >duplicate a lot of code.  It would seem to me that adding the ability to
> >do various justifications and centering, and treating things like images
> >and tables as things with a unique, specially sized font, gets you almost
> >all the way there (neglecting the boring part about parsing HTML).
> Which kind of gets back to my question about making it possible to insert
> any old child widget into the text widget: wouldn't that be cool?


I've done some thinking... I wonder if it'd be useful to have two text
widgets.  One exteremely simple one with just plain text, and a second
for intense things that would allow embedding widgets and such.  I
suspect the former would be useful for small apps that don't need the
power of the later.

One comment, though... it should be a "rich text" widget, not and
"HTML widget".  I don't think HTML parsing code really belongs in the
widget proper.  I see something along the lines of the relationship
between gtk_rc_parse stuff and GtkStyle objects.

In any case, it should be easy to use the widget with something other
than HTML... SGML, texinfo, LaTeX (I'm sure the LyX people would
appreciate that one), and whatnot.

[more snipage]


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