Re: Pango runtime warning

I've found a little bit more info that might help us with this Behdad.

On 29 Jan 2011, at 10:27, John Emmas wrote:

> Is it possible that PangoRenderFc is expecting some other collection of fonts? 

There might well be some truth in that theory.  To test it, I decided to put some debugging in my Pango library - in module 'pango-context.c', function 'itemize_state_process_run()'.  That's the function that prints out the message I'm seeing, ~failed to choose a font, expect ugly output."   It seems to get called every time a new font gets loaded (or chosen, possibly).  My debugging prints out the engine type for every call to that function.  As I expected, every call with the engine type PangoRenderWin32 succeeds.  The one time it fails is with PangoRenderFc.

Admittedly, fonts are not my strong point.  But to my uneducated eyes, this suggests either that FontConfig and/or Freetype are using the same Windows fonts as PangoRenderWin32, but the code isn't working in my case.  Or alternatively, the FC/FT are expecting a different collection of fonts that aren't being found on my system.  Does this get us any nearer to understanding the problem?


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