Re: Pango runtime warning

Hello Behdad.  Some more information has come to light to add to my previous email.

I just built a very simple GTK+ app which brings up a Gtk::FontDialog (just so I can list my fonts and see what's available).  AFAICT, Pango (when built from the VC project supplied with libgtk-win32) is using my standard Windows Truetype font set.  I don't know off hand which rendering engine is in use but I'd guess at PangoRenderWin32.  Likewise for the scripting engine.

Is it possible that PangoRenderFc is expecting some other collection of fonts?  Cygwin knows where to find them but a regular Windows app wouldn't know where they are, so I'd need to point it in the right direction.  Does that sound feasible or is it just wishful thinking on my part?  Would PangoRenderFc expect a different font set or the same fonts as PangoRenderWin32?


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