Re: embedding arbitrary graphics in text

On 09/07/10 21:23, Travis Griggs wrote:

> Question 1
> What is the difference between the ink rect and the logical rect. I
> mean, I think I mostly get it. But I'm curious if there are cases where
> portions of the ink would ever lie outside the logical rect? Is the

Yes, think of swash glyphs that extend well out of their "logical" boundary.

> "origin (x,y) of the rects always at the baseline of the characters, I
> noticed that they all seem to have negative heights to go nominally
> "upwards". I was curious if there was an example or two in the docs
> somewhere, that showed something I was missing.

Humm?  I don't follow.

> Question 2
> The example demonstrates how to completely draw something other than the
> font's glyph in place of a character (or more). I'm curious if it's
> possible to still let it draw the character glyphs it was going to draw,
> but do some additional annotation. For example, I'd like to insert a
> stop sign graphic in front of the character run the attributes stand
> for, and nudge them to the right by that much. Or do I have to inject
> filler characters into my text to do that?

Humm, you have to insert a character currently.


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