RE: What's the meaning of the height of layout

Hi Behdad Esfahbod,

   In last mail, I write a short pice of code.

   First I set
TEST_PANGO_CAIRO_SHOW_LAYOUT_LINE to 0, and compile and run the program. I get a picture, let's say paintdirectly.png. In this process, the whole text is paint to the screen directly.

   Then, I set TEST_PANGO_CAIRO_SHOW_LAYOUT_LINE to1, complie and run it again. The second picture, let's say paintlinebyline.png. During this process, I paint the first line of the text, move the begin paint point one line height down, and paint the second line, continue this process until the last line was paint.

   The difference is, in the second paint method, there is a blank at the end of the picture. Does this blank arised according to different line have different heights?
and if it is, why different line have different line height even if the text are in the same language?

   You can see the pictures here :,board,GNULinux,file,M.1279857534.A.html
   (the picture were cut off to just show the end of the text, or else it would be too larger to show it out).

   thanks and best regards.


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