Re: What's the meaning of the height of layout

On 07/21/10 22:31, langston 单 wrote:
>   Yeah, if different pango lines have different height, it could explain
> my problem described in the previous mail.
>   But I still want to konw why the line heights are different from each
> other?

May be because you've turned off metrics hinting?  And then you using the
rounded metrics (_pixels versions), so you're seeing accumulated rounding error.

>   It is easy to understand if I mix English and Chinese character
> together in one paragraph, in this situation, the line height should be
> different according to differnt languages. But if all the text are only
> in English or Chinese, why the same things happened?

I've asked twice already, and you haven't answered yet.  How much difference
are you talking about?!

>   Thanks very much. 
>> Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 15:27:46 -0400
>> From: behdad behdad org
>> To: dwshan1983 hotmail com
>> CC: gtk-i18n-list gnome org
>> Subject: Re: What's the meaning of the height of layout
>> On 07/14/10 06:44, langston 单 wrote:
>> > Hi everyone:
>> > I have some doubt about layout height.
>> >
>> > First I create a pango-layout, set font, wrap width and text, and the
>> > space between layout lines was set to 0;
>> >
>> > Then I get the layout height, the total number of text line and the
>> > height of each line.
>> >
>> > Could anyone explain why the height of the layout is not equal to
>> > TextLinesCount multiply by LineHeight?
>> There is no single LineHeight! Where do you get "LineHeight" from, and
> what
>> differences are you seeing?
>> b
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