RE: What's the meaning of the height of layout

Hi Behdad Esfahbod :

  Sorry I didn't attach the image in my previous mail because the image file is larger than 10M, and if the attached file is larger than 10M, I should get the administrator's permission to public it.

  Yeah, if different pango lines have different height, it could explain my problem described in the previous mail.

  But I still want to konw why the line heights are different from each other?

  It is easy to understand if I mix English and Chinese character together in one paragraph, in this situation, the line height should be different according to differnt languages. But if all the text are only in English or Chinese, why the same things happened?

  Thanks very much. 

> Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 15:27:46 -0400
> From: behdad behdad org
> To: dwshan1983 hotmail com
> CC: gtk-i18n-list gnome org
> Subject: R e: What's the meaning of the height of layout
> On 07/14/10 06:44, langston 单 wrote:
> > Hi everyone:
> > I have some doubt about layout height.
> >
> > First I create a pango-layout, set font, wrap width and text, and the
> > space between layout lines was set to 0;
> >
> > Then I get the layout height, the total number of text line and the
> > height of each line.
> >
> > Could anyone explain why the height of the layout is not equal to
> > TextLinesCount multiply by LineHeight?
> There is no single LineHeight! Where do you get "LineHeight" from, and what
> differences are you seeing?
> b

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