Re: Malayalam & SF_PROCESS_ZWJ

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

> Unfortunately there's not been much justification I'm afraid :( .  The
> Indic shaper is by all means unmaintained.  So I just let all interested
> parties discuss and come up with patches and when they seem to agree,
> I'll commit.  I know that at some point we will need to revert much of
> those changes...

> Anyway, I'm probably going to stop doing that, it was wrong to start
> with.  We (Pango, Qt, ICU, HarfBuzz) need someone with enough time and
> knowledge to study the current Indic shaper AND follow MS and Unicode
> happenings and maintaining/fixing the shaper.  So far I've not seen
> anyone on the horizon.

With fonts I think it is vital that they render the same way across
different platforms and applications - so whoever does this probably
needs to be someone who is prepared to follow whatever standards or
de-facto standards have already been set by people like Unicode &
Microsoft - even if they might not always think that these
organizations have done things the best way.

Users simply do not want a document or fonts created under Linux
to render differently on another platform - or the other way round.

- Chris

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