Re: Malayalam & SF_PROCESS_ZWJ

2007/6/17, Christopher Fynn <cfynn gmx net>:
With fonts I think it is vital that they render the same way across
different platforms and applications - so whoever does this probably
needs to be someone who is prepared to follow whatever standards or
de-facto standards have already been set by people like Unicode &
Microsoft - even if they might not always think that these
organizations have done things the best way.

Users simply do not want a document or fonts created under Linux
to render differently on another platform - or the other way round.

The rendering engine + font combination only needs to be same in both
platforms, since the underlying encoding is the same.

For example irrespective of the font and rendering engine "kra" is
encoded as "ka halant ra".
It does not matter if the font has it "ka ra halant" or "ka halant ra"
as long as the combination renders "kra". We have done this with
suruma ( and it works -- and works well.

We could change something in the font and rendering engine together
but the combination render correctly in Windows as well (this would
need change in font of course).

As far as GNU/Linux and unicode is concerned the distros needs to put
one unicode font which works with the rendering engine (the earlier
font compatibility issue is  not there any more with unicode fonts --
any unicode font render content created in any other unicode font
properly) and it will take care of the correct rendering.

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