Re: [gtk-i18n-list] Unicode PUA supporting issue in gtk+/pango

Hi all,

>From the replies by Arne, Chia-I and Zhe, I understand
as: request for Chinese' utilization of PUA does not
require the introduction of extra mapping for PUA code-
points into the base layer of Unicode text handling.

This issue is a bit different from standard handling of
characters in PUA. Some of PRC (and Taiwanese?) national
standards of charcode, like GB 18030-2000, define their
special characters to codepoints in PUA, because they
are not included in Unicode officially at that time.
At present, the replies say that the mapping is font-
specific, so the document including PUA is assumed to
be the data format including font specification,
like office documents - the data format without font
specification (like plain-text) is out of the scope.

Thinking of copy-and-paste procedure etc, I think,
the encoded string and the fontset to display are
essential, but font size, font style (Bold/Italic etc),
color are not essential. I had heard Xt toolkit
has no such object, but Motif toolkit has such
object: "CompoundString" that includes encoded
string and fontset to display it. GTK+ has such object?


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