Unicode PUA supporting issue in gtk+/pango

   I just tried gtk+ 2.8.6 and pango 1.10.1 and found that gtk+/pango
doesn't support displaying the characters in Unicode Private User Area
(U+E000-U+F8EF and plane 15 and 16), even there are fonts for those
   Because you know, Chinese standards of HongKong and Taiwan use such
area to store extra characters that aren't in Unicode yet. For example
Taiwan has more than 30,000 Traditional Chinese chars in Unicode plane
15, HongKong has more than 5000 chars in U+E000-U+F8EF area. So it's
mandatory for them to support these PUA areas.
  Do you have any idea on how to support it in gtk+/pango? Do we need
patch gtk+/pango, or just do some configuration?

James Su

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